We also sell a range of environmentally responsible washing up and cleaning accessories made on a family loofah farm in the Phillipines using loofah, coconut and abaca plants. They are a completely biodegradable, long lasting alternative to plastic sponges and scourers.

Traidcraft are working with smallholder farmers and producers in Ghana to produce fair trade palm oil and doing it in a way that protects the environment. The Palm Oil is combined with other ingredients, including fair trade coconut oil from India, to make a range of household cleaning products.

We have a selection of cleaning and household products

We also sell fair trade footballs!

New Overseas Traders

Paper High

Recycled Cotton

Recycled Glass

Recycled Saris

Recycled Plastic Bags

We also have some Sri-Lankan cards from Paper High made of elephant poo!

These are a source of endless amusement to our younger visitors!

The cards are made by artisans at  the Maximus Elephant Conservation Trust.

Their cards are handmade from recycled  paper in Rwanda, a country recovering from genocide and war.

Cards from Africa creates dignifying employment for orphaned young people in Africa, many of whom are looking after younger siblings.

They  offer well-paid jobs to those that need them the most, contributing to a better quality of life for the card makers and their families.  

Many of these are handcrafted using traditional skills such as embroidery, beadwork, wood carving, basketry, silverwork, felting, leatherwork and more.

-a cooperative supplying organic and Fairtrade certified foods only to independent retailers.

-the authentic taste of Palestine.


Just Trading Scotland


At Fair's Fair we have an amazing range of fairly traded products.

We sell quality foods and crafts from small producers knowing that there is an ethically verified supply chain linking our customers directly to the producers.

The majority of our food and drink products carry the FAIRTRADE Mark. Fairtrade Standards include protection of worker's rights and the environment, payment of the Fairtrade Minimum Price and an additional Fairtrade Premium to invest democratically in community projects.

What we sell

Our lovely wooden toys and dolls are made in Sri Lanka and are supplied by Traidcraft and Lanka Kade.

Our producers are encouraged to look after their environment and be sustainable. Many recycle to produce amazing items.


Beautiful cards from Swajan in Bangladesh and SHAPII in the Philippines where skilled craftspeople have been making  handmade paper products for many years.

Their cards are handcrafted from recycled materials by women living in the Kibera slum in Nairobi.

Through Kipepeo Designs the women support themselves and their families, and learn about money management and other life skills.

Equally important are the friendships, self-worth and pride that come from being part of Kipepeo.

Cards from Africa


Our beautiful handmade  cards come from:

We also have an very extensive range of homeware and gifts

-supporting smallholder farmers mainly in Africa and assisting them to develop their farms, their families and their communities.

-providing a huge range of carefully grown fair trade food including catering sized refreshments for the workplace, churches, schools etc.


Our foods are supplied by:

We stock a range of clothing and accessories including:

  • Clothes from Nomads
  • Bags and hats from Madagascar through Madaraff
  • Scarves, bags and jewellery from Traidcraft
  • Mexican Jewellery from Fairgrounds
  • Bags from Vietnam through Earth Squared
  • Scarves and bags from Patchouli Fair
  • Nepalese Stripy Bags from "From The Source"
  • Bamboo socks, leggings and boxer shorts from Traidcraft
  • Jewellery from Tara, a jewellery producer in India who are particularly concerned with abolishing child labour within the industry
  • Jewellery, bags and scarves from Namaste
  • Sterling Silver Jewellery from Bali and Java through Pachamama.

Recycled Tins / Metal

Recycled Elephant Dung

Recycled Paper & Magazines

Recycled Rice / Cement Bags

Recycled Aluminium